Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the 4th day of Hanukkah...

HELLLOOOOO Fellow bloggers,
It is already the fourth night of hanukkah, it's raining, and even though it's a holiday no one get's off from school. For an eight night holiday this one always seems to go the fastest for me. I haven't even had any doughnuts. But aside from that i guess i should mention the better things that have happened: I got a lovely new prayer book which has a prayer for finding lost objects which really comes in handy in my room. ^_^ Just kidding, but it is one of my favorites so far. I also got a lovely little penguino mug. My mother always knows what I like.
I helped my sister go shopping and accidentally rammed my cart into a display of glue in a tube. They fell all over the floor and the hangers came down and everything. The clerks asked if I was okay which I thought was nice of them considering I had unintentionally given them more work.
Well I have to stop writing now because I have my own busy schedule to get done,
so until next time, bye!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

40 questions

I saw this on my mothers blog so now I'm gonna do it. I like to talk about myself . ^.^

1. Do you like blue cheese? Taste wise, I've never had any. Color wise looks weird.

2. Have you ever done something you regretted? Yes, Not buying a new sketchbook while I was at Barnes and Nobles. -_-

3. Do you own a gun? Noooooooo...(hides it behind back)

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? The fruity kind!

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? I'm gonna say no because I haven't been to the doctors since I was a baby.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? The Greatest thing since SLICED BREAD!!!!!!!

7. Favorite Christmas movie? White Christmas ^_^ classic.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Toothpaste! hahaha just kidding! I Luv Coffeeee

9. Can you do push ups? Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhh no...

10. Favorite hobby? Drawing, writing, reading, mysteries, playing piano, finding out weird and useless information nobody ever cares about etc.

11. Do you have A.D.D.? Huh? I wasn't paying attention...

12. What's one trait you hate about yourself? My obsessive behavior and extreme paranoia.

13. Middle name? I have two! aren't I lucky! Adrianne and Carmit.

14. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? 1. when is my dad coming home. 2. i should be doing something else 3. Woo-hoo-hoo! (runs up and down hallway)

15.drinks you regularly have? Coffee, water and more coffee

16. Current hate right now? Being at home. No snow...*sob*

17. Favorite place to be? With my family, and I am dead serious! And the country! With my family in the country!

18. How did you bring in the New Year? Which one? I celebrate two! Woo-Hoo! anyway My religious new year is two days long filled with lots of food and by the time it's over I'm totally stuffed but relieved and happy to make it through another year and praying fervently for another good one. The regular new year is usually spent watching movies and waiting for the ball in new york to drop. when I was little I thought they dropped a real ball so when i finally saw it on TV I was severely disappointed.

19. A place would you like to go? AUSTRALIA!!! and Ireland, it's very green.

20. Name three people who will complete this. Hmmmm....Maybe My friend agentdashboard but other then that....

21. Do you have slippers? Yupppp! penguinos in earmuffins slippers

22. What shirt are you wearing? Black and white striped.

23. Do you like sleeping on satin? I dunno, I've never done it. But I think it would be cold and I don't like that.

24. Can you whistle? Yup! I can whistle a lot of songs! wanna hear?

25. Would you be a pirate? Aye matey! shiver me timbers! um...what the heck does that even mean?

26. What songs do you sing in the shower? Anything weird and wacky, or show tunes.

27. Favorite girl's name(s)? Maira and Leah.

28. What's in your pocket right now? 3 dollars and my old i-pod.

29. Last thing that made you laugh? Going to Barnes and Nobles two days ago and hearing a girl say: ''Isn't it cool all these Twilight displays. It's like Christmas!" and her friend giving her a weird look.

30. Favorite bed sheets as a child? My little pooh bear bed sheet with mini versions of all the characters.

31. Worst injury ever? BH" I haven't had a really bad injury ever. But I guess I'll choose getting cut with knives i didn't realize were in the sink 'cause of all the bubbles.

32. Do you like where you live? Yes very much, it's like a home to me. (hahahaha)

33. How many TVs do you have in your house? numero uno.

34. Who is your loudest friend? I'm kinda the loud one.

35. How many dogs do you have? I don't have a dog, but my family has one cute Labrador.

36. Does someone have a crush on you? Nope.

37. What is your favorite book? Gosh that's like an impossible question for me, i love so many different books. But My favorite style is clever and humorous ones.

38. What is your favorite candy? Snickers dark chocolate.

39. Favorite Sports Team? I don't watch sports, except football when my mother or uncle does.

40. What song do you want played at your funeral? Wow what a depressing that's not the song. ^_^ I don't really know, but I'd want it to help everyone remember the happy side of me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Life is just so...daily...

Hellooo fellow bloggers,
I haven't posted anything in a while because nothing particularly exciting has happened. Except for yesterday. A little boy escaped his parents in a nursing home and my friend and I were the ones who found him on the 5th floor. The parents we're very happy. But the 3rd and 4th floor were under construction and looked really creepy. Going up in the elevator I resisted the urge to sing chopsticks...which I know you probably think is weird so I'll explain it. In an Animaniacs episode Wakko is stuck in an elevator with his psychiatrist and he sings every song he knows until he runs out. so he starts singing chopsticks. Animaniacs songs are so much fun to sing.
We are know on a 3 week vacation from the friendship circle. then we will go back and become friends with a new child. My friend hasn't had time to bond with any of the children because they kept switching each week. But maybe this next session she'll have a steady buddy.
My friend liked the drama session so much that she got to perform in the Hanukkah play as the king. It was alot of fun to watch and everyone really liked it.
My poor brother really bruised his nose yesterday while snowboarding. It scared me so much when he came into the house with a giant band-aid over his nose. It's hard to look at because it looks like it really hurts but he claims it does not.
So my friend left to comment on my last post asking how I liked the Twilight movie, so I thought I'd answer here since I'm not that good at full blown reviews. The music was
really beautiful as well as the scenery. The baseball scene was fun, and we laughed alot. I think that pretty much covers it. ^_^
Well I must go and tend to a pot of rice i have on the stove. So goodbye until next time. Oh and also, check out my art on deviantart! i posted up some Twilight comics that my mother thought were hilarious.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We're off to see a movie...

Hi all you Bloggers out there! It's me Tzivya. Very soon, in like a couple minutes my friend and i will go see a new movie called "Twilight". She read the books and really liked them. I've never read them because they are really not my type, but I heard it was filmed in one of the rainiest places in America, and as most people who read my blog should know by now is that, I like rain. That and my friend asked me to go with her. So I shall, and maybe when I come back I will tell you what I thought of it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Happyness Post

Hi all you bloggers out there! I haven't written in a while because, well I didn't have much to write about that was interesting.
But I found something kinda interesting this morning. It was a frozen EGG! seriously. Then my poor mommy and sister had to go out in the crazy wind, to go to school, just so they could teach little children how to read. ^_^
But I bet your asking..."what does this have to do with happyness? are frozen eggs your source of happyness? Or watching your poor mother and sister go out in blistering weather?"
no it's not 'cause that would be Schedenfrued, which is a german word meaning "pleasure from other people's misery." which is something that happens alot in sitcoms, and cartoons. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just annoying. But Rebbe Nachman said you shouldn't get laughs by making other people feel bad. Which I think is nice, there are alot of other ways to be funny without being cruel.
Sometimes it's really hard to be happy when you are so sad. But Rebbe Nachman said it was sooo important to be happy that you should do anything to be happy, even being silly. I'm not sure I could imagine a Rabbi acting silly but, i'm sure amongs themselves they must be sometimes. I've learned alot from Crossing the Narrow Bridge but I like the happyness chapter the best so far. So whenever I feel bad I try to do alot of things that make me happy. So I've made a little list, it's not in any order, just in order of remebrence.
1. I say Perek Shira, 'cause it makes me feel better reading all the pretty verses the animals say to Hashem.
2. I listen to funny songs like Animaniacs or Veggietale or alvin and the Chipmunks.
3. I read a new Mystery! Right now I'm reading Wuthering Heights which isn't a mystery, but when I go to the library I'll get more mystery's to read.
4. I'll watch something that makes me happy, like HSM or Animaniacs, or some really old comedy show or movie.
5. Alot of other stuff I do is if I haven't done Davening yet, I'll do it to help myself be happy.
6. I'll dance! I love to tap dance but I'm not too good at it. Mostly I just run up and down the hallway. Or I'll knit. My mommy just taught me how to knit and when it get's bigger i'll post a picture of it up here! I also like to make people happy by making them laugh which makes me happy to make people happy which is...good. ^_^
If I think of anything else I'll post it up. But in the mean time, if you ever feeling down just try to think of all the things that make you happy. With some practice, it might get easier and people will say, "Look at him/her, there so happy! that's what I admire about them!" Which is a wonderful thing to be admire for.
Now I will go and eat oatmeal, with lot's of brown sugar which makes me happy when I eat it on a cold day like this. ^_^

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Tzivya and her first day at Friendship Circle...

Hi all your bloggers out there. This week, Friendship Circle started out again. It's a very nice program where young adults volunteer with special needs children and become their friends. I think it's a beautiful idea and I am very proud to be a part of it. This week, I was introduce to my friend, and it was they're first day at Friendship Circle as well. I was able to talk to their parents before hand and learn a little bit about them. I hope that I can make them feel comfortable and have a good time for the next four weeks. Sometimes it takes a while for them to get used to you and accept you but when you have done it it's a wonderful feeling to know your doing something good for them by being their friend.
The rest of my week compared was rather uneventful. I found my lost i-pod but it was just hiding in my backpack. I learned some new songs on the piano. One is a very nice jazz piece. I like jazzy music.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 44th President of the United States

Hi everyone out there. As you know we now have a new President and it is Barack Obama. My brother watched the elections all night along with my mother. She felt very patriotic that night and was proud to see the progress America has made. We now officially have the first African American president. It's definitely a historic year.

We all also watched McCain's speech and we thought it was really nice and eloquent. I know a lot of people are disappointed he didn't make it as president but at least we all know he is a real American hero.

Now to everyone who is freaking out about the new president I have only one thing to say to you and I read it in Perek Shira, it's what the wild goose, and duck say and it's the truth: "Cursed is the man who trust in human beings, blessed is the man who trust in God and God shall be his assurance. Trust in god forever and ever for God, is the strength of worlds."
You should have faith that God will protect us no matter what.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's 11:40, I should be asleep...

But I should do alot of things. Today, I saw something really funny on Youtube. It was a cartoon video of a girl named Beth crashing the High School Musical movies. It was sooo funny I couldn't stop laughing. You should really check them out.
Well as everyone knows the PHILLIES won! Which entitles me to my own world series shirt. It's very comfy and warm and rawther fashionable. I grow more fond of it each minute. I have a cold this week and I blame it on my sister only mine BH" is not anywhere near as bad as hers but she is feeling much better. I am soon going to start postin a story I'm working on for my friends. It's just some fun random drabble about a club we made up and my blog title might make more sense after it. I want to be a writer, so what better way to start then right now with the public. I hope I can put them up soon!

Well, Goodnight Everybody!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Huge Snowflakes!

It is the first suprising snowfall of the winter. My sister came home from work, and said "It's snowing."
I looked outside and saw snowflakes falling from the sky. I took the dog out and carried and umbrella as the snowflakes began thundering down the size of golfballs. I forgot to put on a heavy coat and when i tried to pull the dog inside my hands were frozen. Now they are thawed out and warm again. I thought it was cold in the house. Nothing compared to outside. I quickly rushed out and rescued my little Avocado plant from the monster snowflakes and brought it inside. It's now drying in the kitchen.
The snowfall is early but I don't mind because, last year we barely had any snow. I don't expect it to stick because it was raining before, but it's fun to watch...Baruch Hashem inside your warm house.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Week till Wensday

Hi there,
I'm am just taking this oppurtinity; until the girl I have to babysits comes home, to tell you about my week. I usually don't do this because my weeks are just so daily. But since I'd like to share some things, and I don't feel like putting them in a post each to their own, I will cram them all here.
On Sunday, I went with my friend to go see High School Musical 3. Yeah I know that sounds corny but we actually had a really good time and I liked it and thought it a nice addition to the first (I didn't like the 2nd). Then we went to a Friendship Circle training session. the Friendship Cricle is a group I'm in the has teenage volunteers work, and be buddies with children with special needs. It's an amzing organization and I'm proud to be apart of it.
Then on Monday, um...I'm not exactly sure what happened on Monday. I don't think I had a particularly good day, although it was productive.
I finally started to work on my latch hook again. I usually work on it while watching movies because I don't like to just sit there for hours and not do anything productive. It's coming along very well.
On Tuesday, we had monster snowflakes which as said didn't stick. Baruch Hashem I rescued my avocado plant. No harm came to it and I'm really relieved.
I'm reading the book of Joshua. I'm enjoying the commentary on it. I've also started learning Crossing the Narrow Bridge with my mother although I haven't gotten past the first chapter yet because my mother took it to work with her. The first chapter was all about serving hashem with simplicity. I liked this chapter alot, because it teaches you to enjoy saying prayers and not to be uptight about it and how to just pick one mitzvah and do it whole heartedly.
Well, I better go, goodbye until my next post...
P.S. This post is before the Snowflake one because I started writing it early on something else but then I erased that and instead wrote this.

Farewell To a Special Friend to Many American Girls...

One day, after rediscovering my American girl collection in a plastic container, I decided for some reason to look up the American Girl website and imagine my suprise when I find out my favorite doll Samantha was being discountinued into the American girls archives.

I have Samantha and I still love her just as much as when I first recieved her on my 7th birthday. She was very special because I really wanted her, and seeing that I was now old enough to take care of such a nice doll everyone in my family pitched in to get her for me. I want to keep her in good condition so that my own little girls can someday play with her. So I am quickly saving up to finish her collection before she goes away. I feel sad that soon other girls migth not get the chance to have the Samantha doll, there's a certain sentimentality, and nostalgia in the first ever American girl doll. She will be missed very much, and treasured even more by the many girls she made happy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rush of October!

Hello all you bloggers out there! It's little me, back from Paree! Not really but that's just a fancy way of saying i haven't blogged in a while. Why you ask? I will tell you. It's the holiday season and this year they all hit you fast. BAM! Rosh Hashana! BAM! Yom Kippur! BAM! BAM! BAM! Sukkot, and Simchat Torah.
So starting with the first, this year was one of the best Rosh Hashana's ever. I cleaned my room the day before because i'm very superstitious about Rosh Hashana and i didn't want to be stuck with a dirty room all year. We davened at the sephardi minyan this year and it was alot of fun. it was all in hebrew even the speakers speech, but i felt a nice connection there, it was lot's of fun.
now for Yom Kippur, lot's of people kinda dread Yom Kippur, but this year i was really looking forward to it. I bleached my white skirt to look as pure as possible and went with my family to shul for kol nidre. It's a special prayer especially for the spanish jew who converted to christianity during the spanish inquisition. This prayer is an anullment of vows like the vows they were forced to make.
I couldn't sleep in the next morning so i went to shul relatively early. i wanted to take every opportunity to be in shul and daven. I also had a great Yom Kippur. even though you fast it's a joyous holiday. I felt soo good that night, when neilah started i was ecstatic, on the way home i felt so free and new, i always feel that way after Yom Kippur! I also felt light headed, from not eating but mommy cooked us a great dinner.
Now for Sukkot. My papa and my brother Junior built the sukkah in one day, and what a sukkah it was, it's small but beautiful, with new wood and nice decorations. it makes the house darker since it's on our front porch, but it's nice to look at from inside. i had alot of fun on the first days, the only thing sad was that my brother left to spend the holidays with his friends and he was greatly missed. But he came back and that shabbat we had all our cousins up, and the house was full, but a comfortably full. It got really cold over the weekend and tonight we must go in the sukkah again. tonight is Hoshana Rabah then Shemini Atzeret, and then Simchat Torah, which is always alot of fun.
So I must go now and help prepare, have a good rest of the holidays!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Movie

This Post is about a new movie by my favorite animation movie studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki has made lots of great movies like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, which you should check out 'cause their really amazing. His new movie Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, is a movie about a little goldfish who becomes friends with a human boy and also wishes to be human. It's based off of the Little Mermaid and though I have not seen it, I really want to and I have faith that it will be hugely cute,(I mean look at the cute little fishy!!) and a good movie.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

And Now For a bit of Shameless Self Advertising!

This post is about my account on DeviantART, with has a couple of my drawings up. I wanted to put a link for a while up but I always forgot.
I hope you check it out!
Please comment and tell me what you think of my art! ^_^

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attack of the Literary Critic Halfway Through a Book

Thought I'd try a Different Font and color. But that really has nothing to do with my post today. My post today is about books i'm halfway through and what i think about them.
I Have Three so far:
Arthur Conan Doyle--A Study in Scarlet
Lyn Gardner--Into the Woods
James Kennedy--The Order of Odd-Fish (I know, ODD title)

I'll Start with the Second on my list. Into the Woods. Into the Woods has an interesting plotline, set in a world that's a mix of fairytale and real life. It's about an adventurous girl named Storm who must protect a mysterious pipe from the wrong hands because it is the wish of her dying mother. The wrong hands soon show up in the form of a creepy exterminator named Dr. Dewilde who loves Wolves and Rats and wants the pipe for his on neferious plans.
I like all the weird situations Storm and her sisters get into trying to thwart Dr. Dewilde, there are more then enough references to popular fairytales that make it interesting as it goes on. But the writing does feel a bit choppy, and forced at times. If you just dismiss those facts it's a nice easy romp. The illustrations, by Mini Grey are really nice too.
Now to James Kennedys' the Order of Odd-Fish. Now at first it sounds like a cookbook but it's not. The Front Cover caught my attention in the teen section on last weeks visit to the library. The inside plot is as follows, Lily Larouche former starlit, finds a baby girl in her washing machine one day with a note that says "This is Jo. Please take care of her. But beware. This is a DANGEROUS baby." Not paying attention to the capitals in Danger Lily raises the baby who proves to be anything but dangerous until her thirteenth year. Then on Lily's annual christmas party weird things begin to happen, Jo meets a Russian Colonel who is shot by a boy dressed up as a Hedgehog and a gaint cockroach is found in the basement tied up and complaining about the tabloids, plus a mysterious package falls from the sky for Jo, from the Order of Odd-fish.
All that sounds like a terrific head-ache but it actually plays out quite nicely and quickly. I find it rather well written, with a good sense of humor. Lily and the Russian Colonel are sufficently crazy, and the cockroach is suprisingly likeble with a great wit. Jo, has not only proved to be undangerous in what I've read but she seems more then unusually wimpy and unquirky for someone who was found in a washing machine. I had hopes for a different kind of heroine but I hope she turns out better as it goes along.
Now For A Study in Scarlet. What can I say but I love it! I find it very interesting even when all Sherlock and Watson are doing is talking about the science of observation. Sherlock is a great detective, and has come across to me as kinda quirky in his own logical way which I liked, and Watson a great bioghrapher. I'm enjoying it immensely and can't wait to finish.
Okay that's all for today!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Post for Darling Cousins and Good Friends

After My cousins left I noticed how awfully quiet it got. I really miss them alot, now that everyones gone back to work and school, no ones annoyed me with Jonas brothers music or, resident evil stuff of which I have no clue, or even yelled Freunleven at me :( . Those things may have seemed slightly annoying at first but boy how I do miss 'em now. It's kinda funny how that happens. Of course i've got a rather difficult biology exam coming up which fill up my time but it's not as much fun. I'd like to dedicate this entry to all my cousins who came up for the summer and made it interesting for me, weather we were witnessing my brothers car getting totalled or, throwing a dumpy fridge down the stairs, or heck just hanging out and talking about total nonsense. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!! *Sigh* wish you were here... Also I'd like to thank my friend who showed up last week soaking wet on our doorstep proving she'd come and visit me no matter what the weather. I just need a snowstorm to make this theory fact!
I may not have that many friends (I'm homeschooled, it's not 'cause I'm terrible...atleast I don't think I'm terrible) but the ones I do have are the best you could ask for SO...THANK YOU FRIENDS, AND MY FAMILY IN GENERAL FOR HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE!!!
P.S. I won't say your names 'cause it's online for crying out loud but, you know who you are. ^_^
Goodnight Everybody! (and I mean this literally 'cause it's really late!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Day the Fridge Caught on Fire

Only a couple of days ago the weirdest thing happened. Me and my cousin were watching detective conan when my sister yelled for our help from the kitchen. We ran out because my sister only ever calls if it's an absolute emergency. The whole kitchen was full of smoke and she was trying to set out a fire behind the fridge. Thank goodness it wasn't a big fire, but because she couldn't get the fire extinguisher to work i called the fire department. I felt somewhat safer 'cause they answered the call right away. The fire went out but we no longer owned a fridge. But fortunately for us we have generous upstairs neighbors who lent us their fridge downstairs.
Well anyway my sister decided she wanted our old fridge out right away so we had to drag it out to the front which involved a lot of freaking out. Then she made sure no cars were coming and pushed it down the stairs nearly wrecking our garden display.
Anyway our next upstairs neighbors informed us we had to take off the doors so that people wouldn't suffocate. I asked my sister why someone would climb in our fridge. The doors came off after some more freaking out and a hurt thumb.
After only an hour the scrap metals guys came and carted it off like it was a well kept secret of the universe. That was funny because our upstairs neighbor predicted they'd come and take the fridge before nightfall.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Thunderstorms

Today Me, my cousins all had fun gallavanting around town with our umbrellas as it downpoured and thundered. Afterward there was a really pretty rainbow and a slightly faded one ontop of that. There were blues sky's behind us and gray storm clouds ahead. I took this as a sign. The creeks overflooded so a walk through the park was out of the question but we stood on the bridge above the creek and watched the water rush by.

I took some great pictures of my cousins but for secrecy reasons I will not show them here online.

Our walk around town gave us some information about city people. they rarely go outside and enjoy the beauty that is gods rainfall. I'm sure we looked kinda odd running around but, we were the ones having fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Hit and Run

The day had only just begun, when we got a knock at the door and our upstairs neighbor told us that a black car had hit our brothers car and tour up the side. We took a look and sure enough our brothers car was really trashed up. The back headlight was totally missing. We were really freaked out when three nice people stopped and gave us information on the girl, including the type of car and the last four digits of the lisence plate.
I wrote down all the information and we called the police. When they came we gave them all the information and then the police guy gave chase because our neighbor said the girl had also busted the front of her car, which meant she probably didn't get far. We were right because the nice people who helped us came back a while later and said they got her. For a while we saw a lot of police coming and going down our streets.
Then a silver car came up and a guy came out and gave us his card for an auto body shop he works for which specializes in wreck repairs. He said he would be able to work it out so that my brother didn't have to pay for the damage fixing.
Then the police came back and got the rest of the information. Even though my poor brothers car was messed up, with all the nice people that BH where put around us the matter is getting cleared up quite well. My upstairs neighbor said that my brother must have a lot of angels watching around him. I think he's right.
It's at times like this that I realize their are really alot of good people in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So last week, after being trapped in a house where the same movie was watched over in sucession and little girls blasted my ears out with Jonas brothers music I was ready for a break.
Unfortunately the bookstore My aunt,cousin, and I went to was just as annoying as my week. They didn't have what I was looking for so I'll have to get it off line. But I did manage to buy one book (it was a mystery) and my cousin spent time trying to decide on a wig set or a stationary set. I was buying for her (aren't i nice). I thought i might look for something new to read, something out of the mystery genre, so i checked the teen section. But i didn't find anything interesting, except a bunch of highly girly books about things I didn't care about or didn't relate to(Like school cliques, i've never been in a public school and i've never had problem with cliques) I found nothing of real quality. Which makes me realize the stunning lack of good teen literature out there.
Regardless to say because I couldn't find anything I felt still a little depressed, but hopefully if It rains (^_^) I'll be able to snap out of it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cousins, Homecomings and Other Such Drivel

I always hope I can think of something interesting to write about so no one gets bored, but ideas fail me.
Right now counting the two days she has been here my cousin has watched Nancy Drew 5 times. It's her first time today, and she'll probably watch it again later. Where was she when this movies was in theaters!? She coulda really boosted the box office income.
She probably would have watched Hairspray alot as well but we lost the DVD. Suprisingly enough, all those times I thought she wasn't paying attention to Nancy Drew, she was, and she still remembered important facts from the beginning and was playing detective along with Nancy. I thought that was kinda cool. When I was little I had the hardest time solving myseries so I would just wait until the end to find out whodunit. But now I am proud to say I can solve a good amount of mysteries that I watch and read before they're over.
My friend came home from camp yesterday. She came to my house before going home and nearly flew through the front door when I opened it. I never knew she liked our house so much. So she told me to tell her all that was going on, and besides an engagment not much had happened that would interest her so the conversation was short.
Gah! my oatmeals boiling over...hold on...saved it...
You probably think it's weird to eat hot oatmeal in this hot enough summer weather. Well it is, but the a/c is on and all the eggs were used up in last night dinner.
Well, I've run outta things to talk about so if your still reading...BYE!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Guess what!? Yup, it rained. I was soooo happy yesterday because we had a nice downpour. There was even thunder and lightning, which rarely happens here. I use to live in the country where there were really big loud storms. When you move to the city this rarely happens.
Another Yeah! is that I went with my mommy to help her friend pick out a wedding dress for herself. We found a really pretty one, just on the first try. She also tried on others but they were not as elegent as the first.
Today I am going out for a day of fun with my sister. I'm really looking forward to it, because we don't have so much time to spend together because she's so busy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gray Sky's

Today the sky's are gray, which is hopefully a promise of rain still to come. It always seems to rain right after I water my avocado plant. I don't mind though because avocado's need a lot of rain to help them grow. Now I'm not an expert on raising avocado's, and it's just through the kindess of god that my plant is doing so well, but I have picked up a few good tricks.
Clouds are slowly rolling in above us. I'm really excited for the rain. As you've probably noticed I'm severly craving it. But I probably should stop boring you with my rain obsessions. ^_^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy Day and Other Things

Do you like my rainy day painting I put up? I didn't paint it but I thought it was beautiful and I love rainy days. So far there haven't been many and I am very sad. The sun although wonderful is very hot and I have always been more partial to cool then hot. I really hope that it rains soon. I love the smell of it, the gray color of the sky, and the sound it makes on the windows and roof. I love taking my red umbrella and going for walks in the rain, it really helps the imagination take flight.
I'm sending out another school test today so wish me luck. I do a correspondence school since i'm homeschooled. Usually they're very good at sending them quickly back but since they have more students it's been harder. Last month i got all A's on my psychology. This is a very interesting subject because it talks all about the human mind and what makes it tick. I really enjoyed it. It's even more enjoyable knowing you did a good job so I hope to do just as well on my next subject. Being homeschooled I like to continue through the summer, that way I don't loose any information because it's been sceinetifically proven that most children loose the things they learned at school during the summer. unless they have photographic memory.
I am learning a new song on the paino and once my friend comes home from camp she can teach me the rest of the Ice Dance from Edward scissorhands. I can do the beginning quite well but I'm still a little slow. I can also play Love Song by Sara Bareilles. I'm very proud of my accomplishments of the paino and one of my goals beside becoming a writer is to play the Musettas Waltz from La Boheme. If you have never heard it you should look it up. It's beautiful.

Housework Pt. 2

Today, I must move all of my stuff out of my brothers room. Why out of my brothers room? My brother took an extented vacation to Israel for about a year and said it was fine for my sister to put me in his room. I came home one day and found myself no longer a roomie.
But now my brother is back and I must take all of my stuff back. It's been really hard work. We've moved dressers, bookshelves, clothes, and an assortment of change from room to room in just one day. Today we move another bookshelf. We like to read. especially me and my brother. my brother and I...I get confused as to which one it is.

P.S. the poem on the top of my page is by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I didn't put his name up there because it looked so good by itself but I just thought I'd tell you who it is now.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Today I am very happy because I am almost finished cleaning my room. My brother got me new dressers so now I can organize everything.
I also cleaned the house and it looks really nice. I hope I can enjoy it. I had to sweep the rugs instead of vacuum because our vacuum broke.
This is the best job i've done on the house yet and I did it all before my family came home.
My mommy is taking my Bezrat hashem to Barnes and Nobles as a reward. I don't want to sound cocky but...I think the trips well deserved. ^_^

A New Song

As you can hear i just added a song to my blog. I heard it once and liked the tune but since it's in Japanese i thought i'd put the lyrics down for you so you can know what it's saying. Unless your Japanese, then you already understand it.

The answer is always in my heart...
Why is it that I chose you?
You've been picked by the unstoppable Lady Fate, but
I believe that just imitating is boring
You'll be all right!
I'll only feel the things that I'm feeling
It's an adventure, right, right!? In a world where truth changes into lies
I'm going to get stronger because I have a dream, not for anyone else
Please come with me!
Look at me--I'm free everywhere I go!
The present today that became the past tomorrow is a miracle
I believe you...
It's no fun if I don't go until I reach the point of no return
Now, tell me! I cast off my hidden wishes into a mirror
If I react to my delight with my whole body,
Your mind will fly!
Let's surprise and be surprised, and smile
It's the beginning, right, right!? Like how beauty illuminates the dark
My power, your tears, both of them are right
A delicate heart that trembles in reality
I don't want it to be hurt
I thought that the answer is always, always
In my heart...
If it's natural to not be normal,
What can I do to answer?
It's normal and yet it's not
I'll only feel the things that I'm feeling
It's an adventure, right, right!? In a world where truth changes into lies
I'm going to get stronger because I have a dream, not for anyone else
It's the beginning, right? It's the beginning, right!?
Like how beauty illuminates the dark,
You and I are on the middle of an adventure
Let's advance together freely, through thick and thin
And go beyond reality
The present today that became the past tomorrow is a miracle
A definite future
Let's take hold of the future
I believe you...

I hope you like it, but if you don't that's okay too. You can just turn it off ^_^

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Bags Full

I just finished reading a very good murder mystery story where the detectives are sheep. Yes that's right, one morning the flock of George Gleen wake up to find him dead with a spade right through him.
They soon set out to find out who killed their beloved shepherd. Looking at the world through a sheeps eye view the author, Leonie Swann writes a funny, engaging, and sometimes scary murder mystery that keeps you guessing. You really learn to care for the sheep characters, and the way they see the world is interesting and amusing.
You can really learn alot about humans from it and it has some really good lines. I really liked it and read most of it in one night. It's definately worth reading. who'd of thought that sheep would make such good detectives?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Struggles of Writing

One of my goals in life is to be a novelist. You might ask what I've written. well to tell the truth not much. My only completed book was 12 pages and was written when i was nine. i rewrote it when i was 11 but it disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Well my proudest work is L&C, which as far as an outline is complete. I know what is going to happen from beginning to end but writing it out is another thing. My mind always shifts from idea to idea and trying to make it stay on one for more then a second has...been quite difficult.

My sister often likes to make jokes about this and has told me on more then one occasion to stuff all my ideas into one book and call it inconsistency. I must say for a while this daunted me. But i love coming up with ideas that it didn't last for long. B''H i usually get right back up and keep working. I try to keep this up no matter how many writers blocks i come across, (and believe me it happens often) so hopefully you'll be walking through the bookstores and see my latest work. I really hope you do. ^_^

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Books: If you read, you might as well read something good

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved reading. Before i read i looked at pictures and imagined stories for them. I loved being read to and i was thrilled when i finally learned enough reading skills to start chapter books.

But as I got older I found out that good books became harder and harder to find. Especially mysteries. I love mysteries but apparently every other 16 year old doesn't. But i must say the ones i did find, were well worth reading.

My favorites have been Kiki Strike: In the shadow city and its wonderful sequel the empress’s tomb. Kiki Strike is the story of six girls with unusual talents suppressed by there monotone lives until they discover a secret city under New York City.

It's well written, realistic enough too maybe happen, and lots of fun. I couldn't put it down, which was bad because I have a lot of things to do during the day.

The other one I liked came as a surprise to me was Skullduggery Pleasant a book about a walking talking wise cracking skeleton detective. Although it scared me (It was a horror book for kids but I am VERY, very easily scared) it was soo well written and the characters so unbelievably witty I couldn't help but finish it.

I look forward to its sequel, and to catch up with the girls of Kiki Strike when its next book comes out. So if you like good books, with somewhat predictable plots that are not ruined because they have such great characters definitely check these books out.

If you like straight up fantasy check out Diana Wynne Jones first chrestomanci book: Charmed life. This one i mention because even though the others are very good as well this one stands on its own as one of the best.

It's about a powerful sorcerer and a young witches attempt to impress him no matter if she gets her seemingly untalented brother into life threatening situations. This book has characters that make your react to them and several unexpected plot twists. Her other good works include Howls moving castle which was turned into a beautiful animated film.

If you like a little romance about dragons and princess's in weird situations try the Frog princess series by E.D. Baker.

Story behind the story fan, you might like the looking glass wars which is a take on Alice in wonderland. Although it seems a little too ridiculously serious for an Alice book it still has entertaining moments. As far as straight up mysteries...still looking, but if I find any I'll let you know. Unless you find one first. In that case, let me know ^_^

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some thoughts on Perek Shira

While I was saying Perek Shira one day I began to notice some interesting facts about the certain psalms the creatures and things say to praise Hashem and how they related to them. The first one i notcied was the Spiders: "Praise him with loud clashing symbols." It called to my attention because the day before i had learned about sound waves and how they affect spiders. The next one i noticed was The day one: "Day to day utters speech and night to night relates knowledge" I liked this because during the day you should talk about and thank Hashem for all the wonderful things he does for us, and at night i learned we leave our body's and go up to Shamayim and we also learn things through the dream Hashem gives us. One very interesting thing i also found was the one the fox says: "Woe to him that builds his house without justice, and his chambers without lawfulness; that uses his friend's service withou wages, and does not give him for his hire." I think it's funny he says this when in steroetypical fairy tales or stories foxes are protrayed as devious trickster who love to fool people. Every day when i remember the say Perek Shira i always learn these little important things that i love. That is one of the reasons it's one of my favorite to say. It teaches you just how amazing and complex Hashem made everything in the world.