Friday, May 25, 2007

My First Character/My First Chapter

When i was twelve years old my friend gave me a story she had created when she was much younger about a superhero named Super Kid. She had started drawing him out on her math books and notebooks and had made a whole group of superheroes. When she gave them to me i changed most of her characters around, but it also gave me a chance to create my first character who i am very fond of. Nati Brecker was the first character i ever drew and his name (Nati)is actually short for Naftali. I created him to be a very quirky character, but he's also very smart. I've always liked comedy the best, and my favorite comedy is a good screwball comedy with crazy characters and even crazier situations. So i try to bring that across in me stories and i loved to write it.
For a long time after she gave me her story i had a hard time figuring out a story for her characters. Nothing seemed to fit them, until i decided to make a build up for the main character. Now I finally came up with a good story, and i wanted to post it as soon as possible.
So even though it might not make too much sense at first, I hope you enjoy this rather small chapter for the beginning of my friends. I'll write more about it soon^_^

Dedicated To Kayla Reill Kids Creator. (Hope you don't mind me featuring Nati first but don't worry, Kid will be worth the wait.)

Kid Dudeton
Nati Brecker worked in the packaging department at murder house inc. the place where our story opens. The packaging department is in the basement and has vents to all over the building and it is often very convenient to use as an eavesdropping tool. Nati would spend lots of time in front of these vents learning everything that went on in the building, even more then the security cameras. There were no security cameras in the basement. There should have been but they had all been disconnected by Nati’s younger brother Daryl. No one ever thought to fix them because no one ever paid attention to the packaging workers.
So Nati and Daryl were left to do what they pleased. It was on this day that our story begins that Nati was listening in at the vents, and learned something that had been top secret to the company.
“So how are the inmates doing?” Nati heard E. Cloud voice ask. he was the C.E.O of murder house.
“They refuse to say anything, and that brat Ted keeps trying to mess with the electrical locks.” Colin replied angrily.
“Then make the room neutralize the affect.” E. Cloud said.
“We have but it seems he to have no affect on him.”
They started to get out of hearing range so Nati leapt like a hyperactive squirrel from one box to the other until he found another vent that caught their voices.
“Have you found our next target?” E. Cloud was asking.
“Yes, he very close too. His name is Kevin Dudeton, he goes to Gates bury junior high and he lives…” the voice faded again and Nati slipped of the boxes and fell hard on the floor.
“Nati what are you doing?!” Daryl asked coming out with tape stuck all over him.
Nati looked up at him and raised hi eyebrows. “What am I doing? I could ask the same of you.”
“I can’t work that stupid automatic tape dispenser. It tried to send me through the mailing bin.” He moped. “Why are you on the floor?”
“Just a little eavesdropping and I think it paid off too.”
“What, what’d you find out?!” Daryl asked as he started pulling the tape off of him. Nati didn’t answer but got up and started heading for the elevator. Daryl gave a yelp of pain as the tape came off.
“I’ll deal with this later.” He said and quickly ran into the elevator before the door shut.
“What are you up to?” Daryl asked Nati. His brother just stared at the arrow slowly showing their progress up to the 3rd floor and said nothing.
Daryl sighed in frustration. Nati was always so indirect, so confusing.
They finally reached the 3rd floor and Nati pulled Daryl quickly toward Izzy Brecker’s office. Izzy Brecker was a company worker and had his own office. He was also the one who rescued Nati and Daryl off the streets and let them live at his place and work in the packaging department.
Nati knocked on Izzy's door and then walked in.
“Nati! You’re not supposed to be up here during working hours.” Izzy said without looking up from the computer.
“Sorry pops but I was wondering if I could barrow your computer. It’s almost lunch break for you.” Nati said.
“Don’t call me pops Nati. I don’t know if you should use my computer. It’s a company one.” Izzy said.
“It’s okay pops, I know how to erase everything. I’ve just got to look this up. It’s important.” Nati pleaded. Izzy looked over at Daryl who just shrugged.
“all right, but only until I get back.” Izzy said.
Izzy got up and left the office and Nati instantly jumped into the computer seat.
“Can you tell me what you’re doing now?” Daryl asked.
“Later, hey you go to Gate bury middle school don’t you?”
“Yeah, why?” Daryl asked.
“Do you know a kid named Kevin?” Nati asked.
“Not really.” Daryl said.
"Well, i thinks it time we introduced ourselves.”