Sunday, October 26, 2008

Farewell To a Special Friend to Many American Girls...

One day, after rediscovering my American girl collection in a plastic container, I decided for some reason to look up the American Girl website and imagine my suprise when I find out my favorite doll Samantha was being discountinued into the American girls archives.

I have Samantha and I still love her just as much as when I first recieved her on my 7th birthday. She was very special because I really wanted her, and seeing that I was now old enough to take care of such a nice doll everyone in my family pitched in to get her for me. I want to keep her in good condition so that my own little girls can someday play with her. So I am quickly saving up to finish her collection before she goes away. I feel sad that soon other girls migth not get the chance to have the Samantha doll, there's a certain sentimentality, and nostalgia in the first ever American girl doll. She will be missed very much, and treasured even more by the many girls she made happy.

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