Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Hit and Run

The day had only just begun, when we got a knock at the door and our upstairs neighbor told us that a black car had hit our brothers car and tour up the side. We took a look and sure enough our brothers car was really trashed up. The back headlight was totally missing. We were really freaked out when three nice people stopped and gave us information on the girl, including the type of car and the last four digits of the lisence plate.
I wrote down all the information and we called the police. When they came we gave them all the information and then the police guy gave chase because our neighbor said the girl had also busted the front of her car, which meant she probably didn't get far. We were right because the nice people who helped us came back a while later and said they got her. For a while we saw a lot of police coming and going down our streets.
Then a silver car came up and a guy came out and gave us his card for an auto body shop he works for which specializes in wreck repairs. He said he would be able to work it out so that my brother didn't have to pay for the damage fixing.
Then the police came back and got the rest of the information. Even though my poor brothers car was messed up, with all the nice people that BH where put around us the matter is getting cleared up quite well. My upstairs neighbor said that my brother must have a lot of angels watching around him. I think he's right.
It's at times like this that I realize their are really alot of good people in Philadelphia.

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