Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cousins, Homecomings and Other Such Drivel

I always hope I can think of something interesting to write about so no one gets bored, but ideas fail me.
Right now counting the two days she has been here my cousin has watched Nancy Drew 5 times. It's her first time today, and she'll probably watch it again later. Where was she when this movies was in theaters!? She coulda really boosted the box office income.
She probably would have watched Hairspray alot as well but we lost the DVD. Suprisingly enough, all those times I thought she wasn't paying attention to Nancy Drew, she was, and she still remembered important facts from the beginning and was playing detective along with Nancy. I thought that was kinda cool. When I was little I had the hardest time solving myseries so I would just wait until the end to find out whodunit. But now I am proud to say I can solve a good amount of mysteries that I watch and read before they're over.
My friend came home from camp yesterday. She came to my house before going home and nearly flew through the front door when I opened it. I never knew she liked our house so much. So she told me to tell her all that was going on, and besides an engagment not much had happened that would interest her so the conversation was short.
Gah! my oatmeals boiling over...hold on...saved it...
You probably think it's weird to eat hot oatmeal in this hot enough summer weather. Well it is, but the a/c is on and all the eggs were used up in last night dinner.
Well, I've run outta things to talk about so if your still reading...BYE!

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