Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So last week, after being trapped in a house where the same movie was watched over in sucession and little girls blasted my ears out with Jonas brothers music I was ready for a break.
Unfortunately the bookstore My aunt,cousin, and I went to was just as annoying as my week. They didn't have what I was looking for so I'll have to get it off line. But I did manage to buy one book (it was a mystery) and my cousin spent time trying to decide on a wig set or a stationary set. I was buying for her (aren't i nice). I thought i might look for something new to read, something out of the mystery genre, so i checked the teen section. But i didn't find anything interesting, except a bunch of highly girly books about things I didn't care about or didn't relate to(Like school cliques, i've never been in a public school and i've never had problem with cliques) I found nothing of real quality. Which makes me realize the stunning lack of good teen literature out there.
Regardless to say because I couldn't find anything I felt still a little depressed, but hopefully if It rains (^_^) I'll be able to snap out of it.

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