Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cousins, Homecomings and Other Such Drivel

I always hope I can think of something interesting to write about so no one gets bored, but ideas fail me.
Right now counting the two days she has been here my cousin has watched Nancy Drew 5 times. It's her first time today, and she'll probably watch it again later. Where was she when this movies was in theaters!? She coulda really boosted the box office income.
She probably would have watched Hairspray alot as well but we lost the DVD. Suprisingly enough, all those times I thought she wasn't paying attention to Nancy Drew, she was, and she still remembered important facts from the beginning and was playing detective along with Nancy. I thought that was kinda cool. When I was little I had the hardest time solving myseries so I would just wait until the end to find out whodunit. But now I am proud to say I can solve a good amount of mysteries that I watch and read before they're over.
My friend came home from camp yesterday. She came to my house before going home and nearly flew through the front door when I opened it. I never knew she liked our house so much. So she told me to tell her all that was going on, and besides an engagment not much had happened that would interest her so the conversation was short.
Gah! my oatmeals boiling over...hold on...saved it...
You probably think it's weird to eat hot oatmeal in this hot enough summer weather. Well it is, but the a/c is on and all the eggs were used up in last night dinner.
Well, I've run outta things to talk about so if your still reading...BYE!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Guess what!? Yup, it rained. I was soooo happy yesterday because we had a nice downpour. There was even thunder and lightning, which rarely happens here. I use to live in the country where there were really big loud storms. When you move to the city this rarely happens.
Another Yeah! is that I went with my mommy to help her friend pick out a wedding dress for herself. We found a really pretty one, just on the first try. She also tried on others but they were not as elegent as the first.
Today I am going out for a day of fun with my sister. I'm really looking forward to it, because we don't have so much time to spend together because she's so busy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gray Sky's

Today the sky's are gray, which is hopefully a promise of rain still to come. It always seems to rain right after I water my avocado plant. I don't mind though because avocado's need a lot of rain to help them grow. Now I'm not an expert on raising avocado's, and it's just through the kindess of god that my plant is doing so well, but I have picked up a few good tricks.
Clouds are slowly rolling in above us. I'm really excited for the rain. As you've probably noticed I'm severly craving it. But I probably should stop boring you with my rain obsessions. ^_^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy Day and Other Things

Do you like my rainy day painting I put up? I didn't paint it but I thought it was beautiful and I love rainy days. So far there haven't been many and I am very sad. The sun although wonderful is very hot and I have always been more partial to cool then hot. I really hope that it rains soon. I love the smell of it, the gray color of the sky, and the sound it makes on the windows and roof. I love taking my red umbrella and going for walks in the rain, it really helps the imagination take flight.
I'm sending out another school test today so wish me luck. I do a correspondence school since i'm homeschooled. Usually they're very good at sending them quickly back but since they have more students it's been harder. Last month i got all A's on my psychology. This is a very interesting subject because it talks all about the human mind and what makes it tick. I really enjoyed it. It's even more enjoyable knowing you did a good job so I hope to do just as well on my next subject. Being homeschooled I like to continue through the summer, that way I don't loose any information because it's been sceinetifically proven that most children loose the things they learned at school during the summer. unless they have photographic memory.
I am learning a new song on the paino and once my friend comes home from camp she can teach me the rest of the Ice Dance from Edward scissorhands. I can do the beginning quite well but I'm still a little slow. I can also play Love Song by Sara Bareilles. I'm very proud of my accomplishments of the paino and one of my goals beside becoming a writer is to play the Musettas Waltz from La Boheme. If you have never heard it you should look it up. It's beautiful.

Housework Pt. 2

Today, I must move all of my stuff out of my brothers room. Why out of my brothers room? My brother took an extented vacation to Israel for about a year and said it was fine for my sister to put me in his room. I came home one day and found myself no longer a roomie.
But now my brother is back and I must take all of my stuff back. It's been really hard work. We've moved dressers, bookshelves, clothes, and an assortment of change from room to room in just one day. Today we move another bookshelf. We like to read. especially me and my brother. my brother and I...I get confused as to which one it is.

P.S. the poem on the top of my page is by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I didn't put his name up there because it looked so good by itself but I just thought I'd tell you who it is now.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Today I am very happy because I am almost finished cleaning my room. My brother got me new dressers so now I can organize everything.
I also cleaned the house and it looks really nice. I hope I can enjoy it. I had to sweep the rugs instead of vacuum because our vacuum broke.
This is the best job i've done on the house yet and I did it all before my family came home.
My mommy is taking my Bezrat hashem to Barnes and Nobles as a reward. I don't want to sound cocky but...I think the trips well deserved. ^_^

A New Song

As you can hear i just added a song to my blog. I heard it once and liked the tune but since it's in Japanese i thought i'd put the lyrics down for you so you can know what it's saying. Unless your Japanese, then you already understand it.

The answer is always in my heart...
Why is it that I chose you?
You've been picked by the unstoppable Lady Fate, but
I believe that just imitating is boring
You'll be all right!
I'll only feel the things that I'm feeling
It's an adventure, right, right!? In a world where truth changes into lies
I'm going to get stronger because I have a dream, not for anyone else
Please come with me!
Look at me--I'm free everywhere I go!
The present today that became the past tomorrow is a miracle
I believe you...
It's no fun if I don't go until I reach the point of no return
Now, tell me! I cast off my hidden wishes into a mirror
If I react to my delight with my whole body,
Your mind will fly!
Let's surprise and be surprised, and smile
It's the beginning, right, right!? Like how beauty illuminates the dark
My power, your tears, both of them are right
A delicate heart that trembles in reality
I don't want it to be hurt
I thought that the answer is always, always
In my heart...
If it's natural to not be normal,
What can I do to answer?
It's normal and yet it's not
I'll only feel the things that I'm feeling
It's an adventure, right, right!? In a world where truth changes into lies
I'm going to get stronger because I have a dream, not for anyone else
It's the beginning, right? It's the beginning, right!?
Like how beauty illuminates the dark,
You and I are on the middle of an adventure
Let's advance together freely, through thick and thin
And go beyond reality
The present today that became the past tomorrow is a miracle
A definite future
Let's take hold of the future
I believe you...

I hope you like it, but if you don't that's okay too. You can just turn it off ^_^

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Bags Full

I just finished reading a very good murder mystery story where the detectives are sheep. Yes that's right, one morning the flock of George Gleen wake up to find him dead with a spade right through him.
They soon set out to find out who killed their beloved shepherd. Looking at the world through a sheeps eye view the author, Leonie Swann writes a funny, engaging, and sometimes scary murder mystery that keeps you guessing. You really learn to care for the sheep characters, and the way they see the world is interesting and amusing.
You can really learn alot about humans from it and it has some really good lines. I really liked it and read most of it in one night. It's definately worth reading. who'd of thought that sheep would make such good detectives?