Monday, December 8, 2008

Life is just so...daily...

Hellooo fellow bloggers,
I haven't posted anything in a while because nothing particularly exciting has happened. Except for yesterday. A little boy escaped his parents in a nursing home and my friend and I were the ones who found him on the 5th floor. The parents we're very happy. But the 3rd and 4th floor were under construction and looked really creepy. Going up in the elevator I resisted the urge to sing chopsticks...which I know you probably think is weird so I'll explain it. In an Animaniacs episode Wakko is stuck in an elevator with his psychiatrist and he sings every song he knows until he runs out. so he starts singing chopsticks. Animaniacs songs are so much fun to sing.
We are know on a 3 week vacation from the friendship circle. then we will go back and become friends with a new child. My friend hasn't had time to bond with any of the children because they kept switching each week. But maybe this next session she'll have a steady buddy.
My friend liked the drama session so much that she got to perform in the Hanukkah play as the king. It was alot of fun to watch and everyone really liked it.
My poor brother really bruised his nose yesterday while snowboarding. It scared me so much when he came into the house with a giant band-aid over his nose. It's hard to look at because it looks like it really hurts but he claims it does not.
So my friend left to comment on my last post asking how I liked the Twilight movie, so I thought I'd answer here since I'm not that good at full blown reviews. The music was
really beautiful as well as the scenery. The baseball scene was fun, and we laughed alot. I think that pretty much covers it. ^_^
Well I must go and tend to a pot of rice i have on the stove. So goodbye until next time. Oh and also, check out my art on deviantart! i posted up some Twilight comics that my mother thought were hilarious.

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