Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Week till Wensday

Hi there,
I'm am just taking this oppurtinity; until the girl I have to babysits comes home, to tell you about my week. I usually don't do this because my weeks are just so daily. But since I'd like to share some things, and I don't feel like putting them in a post each to their own, I will cram them all here.
On Sunday, I went with my friend to go see High School Musical 3. Yeah I know that sounds corny but we actually had a really good time and I liked it and thought it a nice addition to the first (I didn't like the 2nd). Then we went to a Friendship Circle training session. the Friendship Cricle is a group I'm in the has teenage volunteers work, and be buddies with children with special needs. It's an amzing organization and I'm proud to be apart of it.
Then on Monday, um...I'm not exactly sure what happened on Monday. I don't think I had a particularly good day, although it was productive.
I finally started to work on my latch hook again. I usually work on it while watching movies because I don't like to just sit there for hours and not do anything productive. It's coming along very well.
On Tuesday, we had monster snowflakes which as said didn't stick. Baruch Hashem I rescued my avocado plant. No harm came to it and I'm really relieved.
I'm reading the book of Joshua. I'm enjoying the commentary on it. I've also started learning Crossing the Narrow Bridge with my mother although I haven't gotten past the first chapter yet because my mother took it to work with her. The first chapter was all about serving hashem with simplicity. I liked this chapter alot, because it teaches you to enjoy saying prayers and not to be uptight about it and how to just pick one mitzvah and do it whole heartedly.
Well, I better go, goodbye until my next post...
P.S. This post is before the Snowflake one because I started writing it early on something else but then I erased that and instead wrote this.

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