Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 44th President of the United States

Hi everyone out there. As you know we now have a new President and it is Barack Obama. My brother watched the elections all night along with my mother. She felt very patriotic that night and was proud to see the progress America has made. We now officially have the first African American president. It's definitely a historic year.

We all also watched McCain's speech and we thought it was really nice and eloquent. I know a lot of people are disappointed he didn't make it as president but at least we all know he is a real American hero.

Now to everyone who is freaking out about the new president I have only one thing to say to you and I read it in Perek Shira, it's what the wild goose, and duck say and it's the truth: "Cursed is the man who trust in human beings, blessed is the man who trust in God and God shall be his assurance. Trust in god forever and ever for God, is the strength of worlds."
You should have faith that God will protect us no matter what.

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Over The Rainbow said...

So insightful for one so young... but I would expect nothing less from you. :)