Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Full Week

This week I Am super excited, and the reason is, is because it is the week of my level two tap performance. It's at the Painted Bride in Philadelphia and my group will be the first ones on. It is only a day away, and yet I feel a little nervous all ready. I know tomorrow I will wake up with a nervous stomach but once I get on stage it will all go away. I've performed in front of people before, and at first I thought I would have stage fright, but as it turns out it really wasn't that scary. I have to say it was slightly disappointing, I mean I see all those movies where girls get on stage and pass out yet, for me it just felt like I was only performing in my living room. Just with a lot more people watching me. This year we might have a bigger crowd, and there are other performers as well, but our songs are a lot of fun, and that makes it easier. I love Tap dancing and everyone who is in my group does also, and I think that really shows through in our dance. I wish everyone who is performing with me (they are all fabulous) the best of luck.