Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Struggles of Writing

One of my goals in life is to be a novelist. You might ask what I've written. well to tell the truth not much. My only completed book was 12 pages and was written when i was nine. i rewrote it when i was 11 but it disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Well my proudest work is L&C, which as far as an outline is complete. I know what is going to happen from beginning to end but writing it out is another thing. My mind always shifts from idea to idea and trying to make it stay on one for more then a second has...been quite difficult.

My sister often likes to make jokes about this and has told me on more then one occasion to stuff all my ideas into one book and call it inconsistency. I must say for a while this daunted me. But i love coming up with ideas that it didn't last for long. B''H i usually get right back up and keep working. I try to keep this up no matter how many writers blocks i come across, (and believe me it happens often) so hopefully you'll be walking through the bookstores and see my latest work. I really hope you do. ^_^

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