Monday, September 8, 2008

Post for Darling Cousins and Good Friends

After My cousins left I noticed how awfully quiet it got. I really miss them alot, now that everyones gone back to work and school, no ones annoyed me with Jonas brothers music or, resident evil stuff of which I have no clue, or even yelled Freunleven at me :( . Those things may have seemed slightly annoying at first but boy how I do miss 'em now. It's kinda funny how that happens. Of course i've got a rather difficult biology exam coming up which fill up my time but it's not as much fun. I'd like to dedicate this entry to all my cousins who came up for the summer and made it interesting for me, weather we were witnessing my brothers car getting totalled or, throwing a dumpy fridge down the stairs, or heck just hanging out and talking about total nonsense. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!! *Sigh* wish you were here... Also I'd like to thank my friend who showed up last week soaking wet on our doorstep proving she'd come and visit me no matter what the weather. I just need a snowstorm to make this theory fact!
I may not have that many friends (I'm homeschooled, it's not 'cause I'm terrible...atleast I don't think I'm terrible) but the ones I do have are the best you could ask for SO...THANK YOU FRIENDS, AND MY FAMILY IN GENERAL FOR HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE!!!
P.S. I won't say your names 'cause it's online for crying out loud but, you know who you are. ^_^
Goodnight Everybody! (and I mean this literally 'cause it's really late!)

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