Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy Day and Other Things

Do you like my rainy day painting I put up? I didn't paint it but I thought it was beautiful and I love rainy days. So far there haven't been many and I am very sad. The sun although wonderful is very hot and I have always been more partial to cool then hot. I really hope that it rains soon. I love the smell of it, the gray color of the sky, and the sound it makes on the windows and roof. I love taking my red umbrella and going for walks in the rain, it really helps the imagination take flight.
I'm sending out another school test today so wish me luck. I do a correspondence school since i'm homeschooled. Usually they're very good at sending them quickly back but since they have more students it's been harder. Last month i got all A's on my psychology. This is a very interesting subject because it talks all about the human mind and what makes it tick. I really enjoyed it. It's even more enjoyable knowing you did a good job so I hope to do just as well on my next subject. Being homeschooled I like to continue through the summer, that way I don't loose any information because it's been sceinetifically proven that most children loose the things they learned at school during the summer. unless they have photographic memory.
I am learning a new song on the paino and once my friend comes home from camp she can teach me the rest of the Ice Dance from Edward scissorhands. I can do the beginning quite well but I'm still a little slow. I can also play Love Song by Sara Bareilles. I'm very proud of my accomplishments of the paino and one of my goals beside becoming a writer is to play the Musettas Waltz from La Boheme. If you have never heard it you should look it up. It's beautiful.

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