Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mother and Daughter

Hellloooo fellow bloggers,
How is everyone today? it's a snow day here, and a very nice one because my family has off. I was very excited to hear that, even though my brother is still going to his office. But my sister and mother are staying with me the whole day. they've been so busy at work they deserve a day off.
I especially like it because my mother and I have something we both like to do together. We both like watching this TV show called Psych. We also like looking for the alleged pineapple in every episode. I love finding this TV show at the library, because, I know mommy with love watching it with me. This is so nice because my mother never sits down to watch a movie because she's always to busy. But now I wait at night for her to finish up her work and then we both sit on the couch, and watch the latest episode, and we laugh and have a lot of fun.
And even though I don't like Twilight I always try to get the new books for my mother because she loves them and has so much fun reading them. I've never seen my mother so excited about a book series before. I love to hear her laugh, or get excited about something she's reading. It's a little something we both share and I look at it as special. I love my mother and for a while when she started working I really missed here because she had so much to do. But it feels that more and more these days we have time we're spending together and it really makes me happy.

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