Sunday, January 4, 2009

Totally Insaney...

Hi, I just thought I'd share my animaney quiz results with you dear bloggers!
If you end up taking it, post your results on my comments I'd soooooo wanna know! Just click on the which Animaniacs Character are You above Yakko's Picture. ^_^
until then, Goodnight Everybody!

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

Talkative, huh? Perhaps sing-ative would be more appropriate, actually. When people don't understand something, it usually drives you to cutting, sarcastic remarks. Your other extreme is bursting into song with almost no prompting, often to explain complex ideas. No one knows quite what you are, exactly. You have made many "special" friends, and there's baloney in your slacks.

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Philly Farmgirl said...

Well dear daughter of mine, I can attest that this was a fair assessment of your personality and explains an awful lot! LOL! Love you!