Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Comedy Within Comedy

Helllllooooooooo fellow bloggers,
This year, Disney channel is coming out with a new show that I'm really excited to see. It's called Sonny with a Chance, and it's about a girl who joins the cast of a comedy show called "So Random". It's a show within a show, with fully produced comedy sketches. It stars Demi Lovato, a new Disney star who made her debut on "As the Bell Rings" and became popular with her role as Mitchie in "Camp Rock" a Disney channel movie that wasn't very good but Demi was very cute in it.
I usually don't follow celebrities so much because they have a habit of disappointing you, which really isn't they're fault so much because they are regular people with added stress levels because of their work, fans, and the media following their every move.
But I read a lot of nice things about Demi and I like her music, so I'm really looking forward to her show, and her future career.

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