Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Writer Blabs on...

HELLLLOOOOO fellow Bloggers,
Today, The sky is gray, which is no surprise to me because a storm is coming, and lately it's been raining enough to rival Forks Washington. (haha)
Yesterday, while I was watching superstars of dance for my mom (which i don't really understand because some of the dancer aren't very super) I saw this girl who did a tap dance number to Jerry Lewis's typewriter song. I liked it but the Judges didn't. Although disappointing, the group team from America really lifted us out of last place. They were super good, they are called the groovaloo's and you should totally look them up on youtube.
The Ireland team, although good seems to just be doing Lord of the dance all over again. I mean I recognize all the dances, and I was trying to think of why they were doing that. Maybe they're traditional dances, I don't know but, it lessens my impressed level.
Recently I've been having this problem, I want absolute quiet whenever I sit down to read a book, but usually I read in the afternoon, since I finished all my chores and schoolwork. But the afternoon, is when my family comes home, and for some reason I can never concentrate on my book, if people are talking, watching a movie, or listening to music. It never used to bother me before but now it does, and the slightest noise makes me freak out 'cause I can't read then.All I want to do is enjoy a nice book, but I can't tell my family and everything else around me to stop what they're doing just so I can read. So last night when I had a particularly bad episode of failing to concentrate under noise, after I felt better, it suddenly reminded me of an Animaniacs song that Dot sings. So here it is enjoy. ^_^

When I finished watching it, I looked down at the comments and this was one of them I read that was super funny: "Cheap romance horror thriller novels? Sounds like Twilight." haha! I was thinking the same thing when Dot said that. ^_^
Well, I hope to soon conquer this noise problem I'm having. I'm going to pray for some patience and tolerance. I also thought that maybe it's caused by lack of sleep, so tonight, I'm gonna work on one solution I thought of, and go to bed early.
Soooooooo long until next time.

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