Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teen Musicals Old and New

HELLLOOOOO fellow bloggers,
Hi, I just decided to do a little post on musicals, because I love musicals and I wanted to share some of my personal favorite song and dance numbers that teens did in movies. I'll start with the oldest, I love watching old movies so I was just watching a bunch of my favorite numbers from movies and I kept looking through a ton of them till I watched this one and I dunno for some reason I really liked it. It's Donald O'Conner and Peggy Ryan dancing in Mister Big, a kinda High School Musical for their time. I just love how zany they both are together. ^_^

But if We're gonna talk High School Musical, the team worth watching in the movie aren't the leads. It's Sharpay and Ryan, who are funny and very good at scene stealing. ^_^

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