Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Off Day

Hellllooooo fellow bloggers,
I wish I had a camera, I really do. then you could see that the world around me, (or at least outside my house) is covered in powdery glistening snow.
it was even more beautiful yesterday in the moonlight. It's the second wensday in a row that it has snowed and we got off from work. I can just imagine all the little children we teach bundled up in their winter coats and playing out in the snow. Making snow men and having snowball fights. Sometimes I miss being that young. But I guess your ideal of fun changes. I'm going to be perfectly happy grabbing my new mysteries, curling up on the couch and reading them.
Also my cousin is down for the week, so when she wakes up and my sister does it should add to the days pleasures. We always have a lot of fun with my cousins.
oh also as a P.S. I finished my first Agatha Christie novel (yay me!) I really like it, it was very interesting and fun to read. I'm starting on my second this week.


BJ said...

Shucks. Drat. Bummer.

We barely got a dusting out here in the 'burbs......

Could you please send some of your snow my way? Please? Pretty please with (kosher, homemade) whipped cream on top?

The Author said...

It's the same here! I will be posting pictures. I finding the sparkling diamonds in the snow.I wish I could have seen it by moonlight.