Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And Now it's Time for Did You Know?

Helllooooooo Fellow Bloggers,
Did you know there are many differences between a man’s kimono and women’s, although at first sight they seem the same. A man’s kimono is usually a conservative styled kimono of blue, black, brown, gray, or white, while a women’s kimono is vibrantly colored with fancy designs. A man also has Hakama pants which today are worn on formal occasions and are used in traditional arts like kendo (Fencing) martial arts, and archery.
A women’s kimono is very fancy with different styles of Obi (the belt around the kimono) tying and even the sleeves color and fabric vary to the wearer’s age, social status, marital status and the seasons. A young unmarried woman wears a furisode, a colorful kimono with long sleeves down to her ankle while a married woman wears shorter sleeves on her kimono. Brides wear a kimono of pure white, then at the wedding reception they usually wear an over kimono brightly colored.
Well now you know, and don't you forget it! ^_~

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