Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ponyo on the Cliffs and a New Look

Helllooo fellow bloggers,
A couple days ago, I was able to see the adorably cute movie Ponyo on the Cliffs by the Sea, by Hayao Miyazaki who makes the best anime movies ever. It is about a little goldfish who meets a little boy and they become friends. The little goldfish uses her powers to turn herself into a human girl so she can be with him. But if he doesn't like her for who she is she will turn into bubbles. I loved all the characters although I thought the little boys mother was careless. But she had a good heart. It was a funny, amazing movie with wonderfully visual scenes and I can't wait till they release it in America.
So do you like my new background. If you want to get a cute background just click the cutest blogs on the block link at the left hand top of my page. They have so many backgrounds and their easy to put on your blog.

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The Author said...

Very cute! love the background, my mom and i are also redoing our blogs.