Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something I Couldn't be Without

Hellloooo fellow bloggers,
It's me, back on my blog to tell you about something very important to me. A long long time ago, when we were going to Israel for he first time my mother took me to target to buy a backpack as a carry on. As we went down the aisle, I had trouble deciding which style to choose. But suddenly, there i saw it, nestled among the others, sparkling like a beacon through the dark clouds it jumped out at me and screamed, "BUYYY MEEEEE, I'MMM THE ONE YOU WANT!!!!!"
...okay so maybe that's not really how it happened. My mother grabbed a bright flowery one from the rack and said, "This one looks cute." and I frowned at it and thought it was too psychadellic. But with the way I feel about it now it might as well have jumped out at me.
I bought it, and now, I feel quite at a loss without it. I put all my valuable possesions in it and baruch Hashem I haven't lost anything placed in that backpack yet. Which is handy for me because I always seem to unintentionally missplace things. mostly library cards. But I still feel secure in the fact that I can practically stuff anything in it that I'll need wherever I go. books, notebooks, pencils, a magnifying glass, a tap recorder, whistle, etc. It's like Wakko's gag bag to me. Only I haven't found a wooden mallet to fit inside yet.Just kidding. ^_^
But trust me, backpack are amazingly handy, and if you like to have a lot of tings with you when your out in an easy to carry place, go to your nearest store and buy a backpack. You shan't regret it, and if you do well...don't blame me, it was just a suggeston. ^_~
P.S. that backpack in the picture is the exact one I have. Just imagine it as faded, beat up and definately missing the stuff tag. I took that off a week after getting it. ^_^

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