Monday, February 23, 2009

Ruby in the Smoke

Hellooo Fellow bloggers,
Today I'm reviewing a book I just finished. It is by Philip Pullman and is called Ruby in the Smoke as you can see from the picture.
It is about a girl named Sally Lockhart, who is newly orphaned, and she receives a mysterious letter from her deceased father warning her about something called the "Seven Blessings". What unfolds is a sometimes confusing, yet predictable story with an anti-climatic ending. The characters all felt kind of flat, I didn't care for them and it wasn't very scary. The only thing possibly scary about it was the amazing amount of opium use which is nothing new because it's used in practically every Victorian fiction story. I really wanted to like it, because the back were they tell you what it's bout looked like a promising story. But it wasn't and left me with a bad feeling because it was so gosh darn depressing,and unsatisfying.
It got a lot of praise, so I'm sure for others it might be interesting. But for me it was one of the more uninteresting young adult mysteries I've read.

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