Monday, February 23, 2009

Ruby in the Smoke

Hellooo Fellow bloggers,
Today I'm reviewing a book I just finished. It is by Philip Pullman and is called Ruby in the Smoke as you can see from the picture.
It is about a girl named Sally Lockhart, who is newly orphaned, and she receives a mysterious letter from her deceased father warning her about something called the "Seven Blessings". What unfolds is a sometimes confusing, yet predictable story with an anti-climatic ending. The characters all felt kind of flat, I didn't care for them and it wasn't very scary. The only thing possibly scary about it was the amazing amount of opium use which is nothing new because it's used in practically every Victorian fiction story. I really wanted to like it, because the back were they tell you what it's bout looked like a promising story. But it wasn't and left me with a bad feeling because it was so gosh darn depressing,and unsatisfying.
It got a lot of praise, so I'm sure for others it might be interesting. But for me it was one of the more uninteresting young adult mysteries I've read.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ponyo on the Cliffs and a New Look

Helllooo fellow bloggers,
A couple days ago, I was able to see the adorably cute movie Ponyo on the Cliffs by the Sea, by Hayao Miyazaki who makes the best anime movies ever. It is about a little goldfish who meets a little boy and they become friends. The little goldfish uses her powers to turn herself into a human girl so she can be with him. But if he doesn't like her for who she is she will turn into bubbles. I loved all the characters although I thought the little boys mother was careless. But she had a good heart. It was a funny, amazing movie with wonderfully visual scenes and I can't wait till they release it in America.
So do you like my new background. If you want to get a cute background just click the cutest blogs on the block link at the left hand top of my page. They have so many backgrounds and their easy to put on your blog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Author Reviews Coraline and a Book

HELLLOOOOO fellow bloggers,
Okay, so I think I'll make this quick. I went to see the Coraline movie last week with my darling sister, and I liked it. She was freaked out a bit, but I think she liked it too. I could be wrong though. The more I think about it the more I realize I didn't like it as much as the book. It doesn't make my top ten, but neither did the book. The cat is a great character in the book and movie but wasn't (in my opinion) used enough in the movie, Coraline lacked some emotion in the book and had a lot more in the movie, but she was kinda bratty, and decided to hate her next door neighbor for no reason. Although she did have a reason later on, but that's beside the point. Anyway it was nice and scary and the 3D was cool. The stop motion was nicely done too. It's definitely good, but not great. All in all if you look hard enough you can learn alot from it like "It's better that you don't get everything you want.","your mothers the best mother for you.","pay attention to your kids or someone else will" or even "if you see someone with button eye run like heck in the opposite direction." and "when in doubt throw a cat."

My second review is for a book I just finished called Savvy. It is about a little girl named Mib's, who lives in a family that get's a special power on their 13 birthday. It's almost her 13 birthday but suddenly her father gets into a terrible accident. After a misunderstanding over her new power, she finds herself on a road trip to her fathers hospital, with a bible salesman, her two brothers, and the preachers kids. the book is very cute as it tells about the ups and downs of growing up and making decisions, and finding out who you are. It also really sounds like it is written by a 13 year old girl from Kansas/Nebraska.
Well, I have to get going now, but i just wanted to write this all out real quick before I forgot.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something I Couldn't be Without

Hellloooo fellow bloggers,
It's me, back on my blog to tell you about something very important to me. A long long time ago, when we were going to Israel for he first time my mother took me to target to buy a backpack as a carry on. As we went down the aisle, I had trouble deciding which style to choose. But suddenly, there i saw it, nestled among the others, sparkling like a beacon through the dark clouds it jumped out at me and screamed, "BUYYY MEEEEE, I'MMM THE ONE YOU WANT!!!!!"
...okay so maybe that's not really how it happened. My mother grabbed a bright flowery one from the rack and said, "This one looks cute." and I frowned at it and thought it was too psychadellic. But with the way I feel about it now it might as well have jumped out at me.
I bought it, and now, I feel quite at a loss without it. I put all my valuable possesions in it and baruch Hashem I haven't lost anything placed in that backpack yet. Which is handy for me because I always seem to unintentionally missplace things. mostly library cards. But I still feel secure in the fact that I can practically stuff anything in it that I'll need wherever I go. books, notebooks, pencils, a magnifying glass, a tap recorder, whistle, etc. It's like Wakko's gag bag to me. Only I haven't found a wooden mallet to fit inside yet.Just kidding. ^_^
But trust me, backpack are amazingly handy, and if you like to have a lot of tings with you when your out in an easy to carry place, go to your nearest store and buy a backpack. You shan't regret it, and if you do well...don't blame me, it was just a suggeston. ^_~
P.S. that backpack in the picture is the exact one I have. Just imagine it as faded, beat up and definately missing the stuff tag. I took that off a week after getting it. ^_^

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coraline Alphabet Posters

Helllloooooo fellow bloggers,
These are alphabet posters for the new movie Coraline. Each of the letters are words having to do with characters, things, and plot lines. This is my favorite and it's for my favorite character, the cat. He doesn't have a name because he says cat's are secure in who they are therefore they do not need them. Humans on the other hand, need time to feel comfortable in themselves. I thought he was very smart and funny and said exactly what a cat would say if they could speak.

Another Off Day

Hellllooooo fellow bloggers,
I wish I had a camera, I really do. then you could see that the world around me, (or at least outside my house) is covered in powdery glistening snow.
it was even more beautiful yesterday in the moonlight. It's the second wensday in a row that it has snowed and we got off from work. I can just imagine all the little children we teach bundled up in their winter coats and playing out in the snow. Making snow men and having snowball fights. Sometimes I miss being that young. But I guess your ideal of fun changes. I'm going to be perfectly happy grabbing my new mysteries, curling up on the couch and reading them.
Also my cousin is down for the week, so when she wakes up and my sister does it should add to the days pleasures. We always have a lot of fun with my cousins.
oh also as a P.S. I finished my first Agatha Christie novel (yay me!) I really like it, it was very interesting and fun to read. I'm starting on my second this week.