Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look on the Bright Side of the Dark Side

Hellloooooo Fellow Bloggers,
Today I'd like to talk about staying positive no matter what. This is definitely something I'm always having trouble with. It's definitely a problem when your the one with the least problems and the gloomiest face in the house. As I sit here typing away, even though it's not new years I feel the need for a resolution. Why you may ask. Well I will GLADLY tell you. I was just watching a little kids show called Ruby Gloom. Now most people might remember Ruby from her clothing and accessory line that sold prominently at Hot Topic. My sister has stickers, posters, and a book of her. I have a Doom Kitty T-shirt. Back then I was an Emily the Strange girl myself. But you know what I love about Ruby. She is the happiest girl in the world, because she has an ever unfailing positive outlook on life. She see's the good and bright side of everything in her huge dark mansion surrounded by her unusual friends. That kind of inspires me you know. You can find inspiration anywhere when you least expect it. Even Rebbe Nachman thought it was one of the most important thing to be happy and that there was always something good in everything, and that we could elevate those things by finding the good in them. So that's going to be my resolution.

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The Author said...

Very encouraging, thank you.