Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Day the Fridge Caught on Fire

Only a couple of days ago the weirdest thing happened. Me and my cousin were watching detective conan when my sister yelled for our help from the kitchen. We ran out because my sister only ever calls if it's an absolute emergency. The whole kitchen was full of smoke and she was trying to set out a fire behind the fridge. Thank goodness it wasn't a big fire, but because she couldn't get the fire extinguisher to work i called the fire department. I felt somewhat safer 'cause they answered the call right away. The fire went out but we no longer owned a fridge. But fortunately for us we have generous upstairs neighbors who lent us their fridge downstairs.
Well anyway my sister decided she wanted our old fridge out right away so we had to drag it out to the front which involved a lot of freaking out. Then she made sure no cars were coming and pushed it down the stairs nearly wrecking our garden display.
Anyway our next upstairs neighbors informed us we had to take off the doors so that people wouldn't suffocate. I asked my sister why someone would climb in our fridge. The doors came off after some more freaking out and a hurt thumb.
After only an hour the scrap metals guys came and carted it off like it was a well kept secret of the universe. That was funny because our upstairs neighbor predicted they'd come and take the fridge before nightfall.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Thunderstorms

Today Me, my cousins all had fun gallavanting around town with our umbrellas as it downpoured and thundered. Afterward there was a really pretty rainbow and a slightly faded one ontop of that. There were blues sky's behind us and gray storm clouds ahead. I took this as a sign. The creeks overflooded so a walk through the park was out of the question but we stood on the bridge above the creek and watched the water rush by.

I took some great pictures of my cousins but for secrecy reasons I will not show them here online.

Our walk around town gave us some information about city people. they rarely go outside and enjoy the beauty that is gods rainfall. I'm sure we looked kinda odd running around but, we were the ones having fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Hit and Run

The day had only just begun, when we got a knock at the door and our upstairs neighbor told us that a black car had hit our brothers car and tour up the side. We took a look and sure enough our brothers car was really trashed up. The back headlight was totally missing. We were really freaked out when three nice people stopped and gave us information on the girl, including the type of car and the last four digits of the lisence plate.
I wrote down all the information and we called the police. When they came we gave them all the information and then the police guy gave chase because our neighbor said the girl had also busted the front of her car, which meant she probably didn't get far. We were right because the nice people who helped us came back a while later and said they got her. For a while we saw a lot of police coming and going down our streets.
Then a silver car came up and a guy came out and gave us his card for an auto body shop he works for which specializes in wreck repairs. He said he would be able to work it out so that my brother didn't have to pay for the damage fixing.
Then the police came back and got the rest of the information. Even though my poor brothers car was messed up, with all the nice people that BH where put around us the matter is getting cleared up quite well. My upstairs neighbor said that my brother must have a lot of angels watching around him. I think he's right.
It's at times like this that I realize their are really alot of good people in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So last week, after being trapped in a house where the same movie was watched over in sucession and little girls blasted my ears out with Jonas brothers music I was ready for a break.
Unfortunately the bookstore My aunt,cousin, and I went to was just as annoying as my week. They didn't have what I was looking for so I'll have to get it off line. But I did manage to buy one book (it was a mystery) and my cousin spent time trying to decide on a wig set or a stationary set. I was buying for her (aren't i nice). I thought i might look for something new to read, something out of the mystery genre, so i checked the teen section. But i didn't find anything interesting, except a bunch of highly girly books about things I didn't care about or didn't relate to(Like school cliques, i've never been in a public school and i've never had problem with cliques) I found nothing of real quality. Which makes me realize the stunning lack of good teen literature out there.
Regardless to say because I couldn't find anything I felt still a little depressed, but hopefully if It rains (^_^) I'll be able to snap out of it.